The love of my mother

My mother is so wise

And has twinkle in her eyes,

Sometimes I feel like touching the skies

When she  gives me a surprise.

She gives me tasty food to eat

And always makes me feel like a princess when she treats,

She never makes me cry 

But makes me so happy that I feel I’m a princess that can fly.

She always made me free

And never frightened me,

She wears a golden chain

And never scolds me again and again.

Her teeth are white

And is beautiful in sight,

When she’s happy she flashes a gorgeous smile

But when she’s angry she becomes a crocodile.

She’s really great

And reached me how to wait,

She keeps my books on the shelf

And advices me to believe in myself.

That Wonderful Smell of Love

                                          She’s the best in the world

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Sneha's blog

I love writing poems and stories, so would like to share with u..

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