Beauty of Friendship

Friendship is like a tree

In the middle of the sea,

That can only be achieved by one way-that’s wait

And the person who achieves it is really great.

Friendship is like an ice

That seems really nice,

So, I really want to have a great time

So, I’ll preserve friendship as mine.

Friendship is like a gift that should not be used

And we should never try to reuse,

So, preserve friendship like a tree

And then when you’ll wait then you’ll see the magic in free.


Time never waits and will never wait

A person can be with time if he’s really great,

A great person is who waits for time

And that great person could also be a feminine.

Time cannot be brought or sold

But is still important more than gold,

Time can be used

But not reused.

So,  I’ll not waste time

And use it as mine,

You use it as yours

And understand time.